[TEST] The Genesis Base Mini ABT Tripod on Slippery Ground 😈


At the beginning of this year, I was able to test the mini ABT tripod of the Genesis brand in Guadeloupe. An ideal field since I did a lot of seascape, and so I needed a travel tripod quite robust and powerful despite everything in order to fix my Canon EOS 5D Mark III mounted with an Irix lens 15mm.


Genesis Base mini ABT tripod features

This 825g mini ABT tripod can be carried everywhere. Its ball head ABH-36 weighs 365 grams, which in all makes a tripod easily transportable with its 1,190kg. Its main asset, its folded size of 21 cm including the ball head. I had no trouble finding him a place in my shoulder bag. Very practical if you go hiking or traveling, since the weight / clutter problems are usual.


This tripod when unfolded, allows to go in minimum height to 11.4cm, and in maximum height to 60.6cm. With a mini tripod, do not expect more.
In my opinion, it is a compromise rather than a disadvantage.

Genesis-tripod-Mini-ABT--2 Genesis-tripod-Mini-ABT--3

The ABT mini tripod in the field

I was pleasantly surprised by the robustness of the bal head, which was able to accommodate without any problem my pro camera. I felt the tripod stable, and my camera safe. This is certainly due to the fact that the feet are short, so more rigid on the ground.
I have evolved a lot on slippery rocks, to include beautiful foreground essential in seascape photography. This tripod is also proven because I found it rather agile and ergonomics even better than my GENESIS C5.


In landscape photography, I usually use a PLL, allowing me more flexibility in the field, while saving time. It is perfectly adapted to this mini tripod, which did not undergo an imbalance when the decentering of the device.


My opinion after the test

For me it is THE tripod to have if you travel in tourist mode and the perfect second tripod for PRO photographers who have to leave very light.
The disadvantage is its maximum height which may be a little short depending on some frames. So think about the type of photos you want to make during your next outing or trip;)

I almost forgot, it exists in gray or green.

Main strength:

  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Quick to deploy
  • Robust
  • Sexy price: 57,90 €



  • Compromise on max height, which may be missing a bit

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